Horse-Drawn Twelve Passenger Wagon

Exclusively and luxuriously showing the Town of
Highland Park at Christmas with rides initiating at

Chili's Restaurants.  

For your Safety, no more than twelve (12) pssengers is


Any number over 12 passengers are discouraged, but
upon Circle G Carriages approval will be
an additional $25 Per Person.
All Horse-Drawn Carriages & Wagon

For your safety, the horse-drawn carriage/wagon driver
has the
"Final Word" on the number of guests
allowed on the vehicle.  

Safety is always our first concern for you  

Please Tip Your Driver!

Our carriage drivers probably work a lot harder than you
realize!  They have put in half a days work, just in
getting all
of their equipment, horse(s) and carriage(s), to
the point where you meet them.  These experienced
drivers are all the direct owners of all the horses &
carriages you see them operating!  They all work
extremely hard to keep everything you see in top
condition... It takes constant attention as everything
being in mint condition is important for your safety.  They
work very late each evening for your enjoyment, and then
continue to work that night, putting all
of their precious
horses to bed with the proper care they require and
deserve!  Please show them how much you greatly
appreciate all
that they do to make your Christmas the
one you have come to know and love!  They do absolutely
love what they do, but they would also

love to feel appreciated.

Ride Timeliness

For each customer, we work very hard to start
everyone's ride on time!  The hour you have reserved
does include the watering of our horses and the
boarding/unboarding of the vehicles.  Please be courteous,
and arrive a few minutes early for your Reservation.  
If you're late, we have the option to adjust your ride
to make it fit into your time reserved.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

No charge to reschedule your ride ONE TIME*  
This must be done no closer than 3 days prior your ride!

*First time rescheduling of your ride is at no charge.  
Any further rescheduling will be done
with a $20 office fee.

Cancellations, up to 3 days prior, will receive a refund
with a $20 office fee.

Cancellations any closer to your reservation time than
three days do not have to be refunded.     

Christmas Ride Rain Check

When we must cancel an evening of Christmas rides, due
to rain/snow, you may reschedule later into the season or
you will have a ride paid & ready for you for the following
year.  You will be among the 1st called in September to
get the best reservations available.  Upon your request,
we have references of our honesty to follow through with
this promise from our many years of Christmas business.

This rain cancellation is our decision, not the customers.
Policies In A Nutshell